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25 Aug 2010

....in search of the perfect bean and art...........

There are no coffee shops in Ball Ground - actually there is no anything in Ball Ground. So unacustomed to not seeing a coffee shop on every corner (large chain or independent) we headed 35 miles down the road (yes 35 miles) in search of anything that resembled a good old cafe.  Now what I havn't said is that there are hundreds of Starbucks - not any in Ball Ground - but everywhere else you look!  Those of you that follow my blog will know that I don't do Starbucks but here's the problem, it would appear that in this part of Georgia nobody drinks anything else!  No to mention their aversion to drinking out of anything that is not paper or Styrofoam.  Anyway, 35 miles later and gasping for caffeine we arrive in a little town called Blue Ridge where on certain days you can pick up the tourist train to Tennessee.  It's like Little House on the Prairie no kidding!!! Just when I thought that this was a huge mistake L & L Beanery Cafe and Bakery beamed its bright welcoming open sign.  I have to say it was lovely experience.  There was a wide range of coffee to choose from both in flavour and style.  There was even a delicious looking display of freshly baked cakes.  The service we received was really friendly and warm and the coffee was good despite the disposable cups!  They even had a little gift shop which did quite well out of us by the end of our visit.  So if you are ever in Blue Ridge pop in and have a coffee - Southern style! llbeanery.com

Before you leave Blue Ridge take a stroll through the town and check out the wonderful array of art and antique shops.  I popped into High Country Art & Antique's and was blown away by some of the work on display. highcountryart.com

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  1. I travelled through the Blue Ridge Parkway about six years ago and loved every second of it, even tho the mountains at night are pretty scary! It's a treat to find a real coffeehouse, isn't it? You didn't say what you had tho - do tell! ;)



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