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Coffee lover and frequenter of local cafes as often as possible. Favourite style Cappuccino but when in a hurry double Espresso is fine and when its hot there's nothing like an ice cold Frapaccino! If I haven't already mentioned it I like coffee, chatting, drinking coffee, chatting some more, painting and drinking more coffee.....sleeping....YES I DO SLEEP LOTS........too much sometimes and it is completely over rated! I have collected 1 husband, 2 kids and 2 cats. I have 1 part-time puppy who joins me on trips to my little cafe (she does not like coffee!)and I have been told that I can be very very funny sometimes - I put it down to all the caffeine!

30 Jul 2010

Pencil Lead Sculptures - Dalton Ghetti Crafts Awesome Images Out of Writing Utensils (GALLERY)

Pencil Lead Sculptures - Dalton Ghetti Crafts Awesome Images Out of Writing Utensils (GALLERY)

Edgware artist with ME given boost with exhibition at Mill Hill restaurant (From Times Series)

My first bit of press since getting the exhibition up and running..............be warned though I have been taken out of context on a couple of things and the impression has been given that I am dying! Nice eh, better make sure the kids don't read it.  I can assure you all that I'm far from dying.....perhaps only for a holiday, but certainly not from ME.  I think an apology also needs to go to Gino D'Acampo, because the way the journalist referred to him in the article makes it sound as though he was responsible for the flood at the cafe! I guess this is the price of fame............got to go now, waiting for This Morning and GMTV to call.  

Edgware artist with ME given boost with exhibition at Mill Hill restaurant (From Times Series)

27 Jul 2010

Little London Fields | 7th August 2010 | Free Festival East London

Little London Fields | 7th August 2010 | Free Festival East London

Bloomberg Summer Party 2010 - Ray on drums

I Love SP10


Bloombergs annual summer party was a roaring success. It was like mini Glastonbury for families.  There was so much to do, see, eat and drink and yes they even had a couple of mobile barrista machines.....they must have known my day would not have been complete without them! So free beer and Pimms for dad, free sodas for the kids and free coffee for me - what a great way to start the party.  Music, live bands, activities galore and food in abundance topped off with a giant disco ball rave when the sun went down and the babies went home.     

1:1 with No.2

My coffee

No.2 Son  enjoying a panini at Costa 

I am proud to say that both my boys have been raised at coffee shops from an early age.  You could almost say they were weaned at them!  Although sadly neither of them have the love for coffee that I do they still enjoy a snack whilst I indulge in my hobby. 

I do recall one of them asking me why ladies always had to stop for coffee......well that my friends is one of life's greatest unanswerable questions!

23 Jul 2010

Recipes - Easy Recipes, Recipe ideas, find good food recipes on MyDish

Great website for finding something to cook - especially if you only want to cook with ingredients you have already got in the house (check out their new 'Whats in your Fridge' gadget!)

Coffee and Hazelnut Muffins are to die for....
Recipes - Easy Recipes, Recipe ideas, find good food recipes on MyDish




If you have been following my blog you will know that recently I have been putting a lot of positive energy into promoting my work as an artist.  It's been a very interesting experience because as an artist what I really want to be doing is creating but I also realise that to make a business out of my work I have to also 'run the business'. Networking is the key to success in my book - it's up to me to talk to people about what I do and what I want to do.  As a result I have found myself attracting lots of interesting people, many of whom have turned out to be artists themselves. So it would appear that this new road I am now travelling on is not going to be a lonely road, quite the contrary - it seems to be a road full of like minded souls, with knowledge, experience and ideas they are willing to share.  

21 Jul 2010

Shepard Fairey, "OBEY" Street Artist and Designer

When I was in Boston last summer I had the chance to see Shepard Fairey's 'Obey' exhibition - it was really great.  If he ever comes to London you must check him out.



Coffee Art | Painting with Coffee

paul megens art, paulart

I'M LISTENING...........

See full size image

I was watching re-runs of Frasier the other day and had to share this great line with you ....

Frasier is sitting in Cafe Nervosa when Niles walks in and goes straight to the counter.

Niles:      Macciatto - make it a duppio!
Frasier:  Niles please whatever is wrong, the answer doesn't lie at the bottom of an espresso cup!

Now that my blogging friends is classic coffee humour.

A real art house (From Times Series)

A real art house (From Times Series)

Pop Up Gallery showcases the works of talented photographers (From Times Series)

Pop Up Gallery showcases the works of talented photographers (From Times Series)

Colour of art (From Times Series)

Colour of art (From Times Series)

19 Jul 2010


This could be fun to do with the kids during the holidays.........a good way to wind up dad if you place just by his precious new ipad !!!!


Think I will stick to the Lavazza brand................


If I could learn how to do this then my coffee critics will be silenced!

18 Jul 2010


Wow what a day yesterday - out there promoting my little exhibition and I was invited to exhibit in a lovely little artisan deli/cafe in Radlett in September!

There have been some challenging times in my life, over the last fifteen months, and some of the people that I once considered colleagues and friends have and continue to show their true colours.  I have had to give up a lot in order to begin my recovery and each small achievement is like conquering a mountain! I have been in mourning for my life as it once was and now I can start to move on and enjoy and embrace this amazing new journey.  I am meeting new and wonderful people and growing in confidence and strength. I am encouraged and supported by my family and friends who believe in me and inspire me. Thank you.  I read a quote the other day which sums up beautifully how I feel; 'Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it'

16 Jul 2010

Sapori D'Italia Re-Launch Party with Gino D'Campo

Last night was probably the biggest night that Mill Hill has seen in years.  Sapori D'Italia Cafe with it's fabulous contemporary make-over celebrated it's re-launch with a 'street party' attended by family, friends, loyal customers, fellow shop owners and celebrity chef Gino D'Acampo, the UK's top Italian TV chef and 2009 winner of "I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here".

With the red carpet rolled out, and the crowd eagerly awaiting, Gino arrived fashionably late and in classic Italian celebrity style in his red Ferrari. Wearing the obligatory celeb shades and waving to the crowds he definitely brought a touch of 'va va voom' to the Broadway!  I have to say, in the flesh he is every bit as delicious as the recipes in his new book, but obviously being aware that my 'current husband' was right behind me, I decided subtlety was needed.  Unfortunately,  those of you that know me well, know that I don't really do subtlety and I soon found myself close up and personal posing for the photographers and demanding he kiss me (poor man)! I have to say he did seem a little less willing to oblige than Peter Andre - I guess he just isn't as used to 'peri-menopausal' women throwing themselves at him as Peter is? Anyway, after I was surgically removed from his side (a bit roughly I have to say) he cut the ribbon, declared the cafe re-launched and we all poured inside to enjoy the delicious food and drink. 

Now, you will see from the photos, that later on in the evening when he was signing a copy of his cook book for me, I made sure I took the opportunity to point out my paintings and tell him that should he wish to purchase one, to contact me through the cafe.  All of this to the amusement of the gentleman sitting with him, who thought I was quite the lady entrepreneur - at least I think that's what 'pazza donna inglese' means in Italian!

Ciao xx

14 Jul 2010

Lisa Pressman :: Official Website

Lisa Pressman :: Official Website

Very insipirational - I can only aspire to be............
Cutters: An Exhibition of International Collage

October 16th - November 15th 2009

Curated by James Gallagher

12 Jul 2010


A car that runs on coffee - either very clever or very wasteful............

11 Jul 2010

Useful Japanese Phrases for Coffee Lovers

Travelling this summer ? Here is your essential guide to ordering coffee in Japanese! I know I am so thoughtful aren't I ? (dou itashimashite)

10 Jul 2010

Fitness Coffee USA

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9 Jul 2010


Nadia & me in Boston, USA Summer 09 - Best Mate/married to my cousin and miss her loads! Old friends are gold and new friends are silver! 

Isn't it funny how fate has a way of engineering a meeting? Take today for example.  If the lovely lady I met today at Sapori in Mill Hill, along with her equally lovely daughter, had not fallen out of a shoe shop doorway and broken her ankle two weeks ago we probably would never have got talking. She was being pushed in her wheel chair by her daughter and they came and sat next to me.  I enquired about her ankle and by the end of a really lovely forty-five minute chat, I had not only consumed my usual accompanied by a rather delicious slice of fig and walnut tart, but I had also made friends with a mother and daughter act of fabulous proportions.  Mum - an actress and fellow artist of many years and daughter a photographer and creative soul of like mindedness.  I have no doubt that at the time the accident occurred and she was sitting on the pavement in agony, the furthest thing from her mind was that this was all part of some grand plan to meet me!  Nor when she was sat in Barnet A & E and they told her there was nothing wrong only to discover at another hospital that she required surgery and a weeks stay as an in-patient this was fates way of organising a meeting of minds!  But fate sometimes needs to give people a little shove, sometimes a little too roughly, as in this instance, but a shove none-the-less.  So there we three were like friends of ages, taking in the heat of the beautiful sunny weather and discovering  similarities and enjoying each others company.  Friendships were made, details were swapped and future coffee outings agreed. Thank you fate - you have served us well.

It's always good to remember that not everyone you meet will be someone that will be there in your life long-term.  Sometimes people are there for a moment or time in your life so that you can be part of their journey and they yours.  Sometimes friendships you have had for years disappear as the need and dynamics of your lives change.  Whatever your friendships, old or new, life without them is lonely.  So smile at the person who smiles at you, have your 'girls night' or 'morning coffee', and don't be afraid to let go of a friendship that has run it's course - life is short.

My kids often say to me "why do you always talk to strangers?"  My answer "strangers are just friends waiting to happen!" 

8 Jul 2010

Hair Stylist's Coffee Faux Pas

"I only drink coffee if it's got a Coffeemate in it " Josh HOB, Hatch End.  I thought you were uber cool and cosmopolitan Josh - how wrong can a girl be!

7 Jul 2010


Long over due 'old school' girls night last night got off to a fantastic start when I attempted to find a space in the restaurant car park. As I drove in a rather dishy and very young man smiled and shook his head at my prospects of parking - he had nabbed the last space!  I over heard the older gentleman he was with ask who he was smiling at and he replied "That sweet lady in the car over there".  I think I can officially say that the cargo is loaded, passengers are on board and my ship has sailed............!  After driving back down Marsh Lane, parking in a side road, walking back up Marsh Lane, on the wrong side where there is no pavement, crossing in a half run half walk to avoid being hit by a rather large new BMW 4x4 (very flash area) I make it back to the restaurant to find the girls have arrived and are parking in the car park!  Timing, as they say is everything, and as my timing is obviously off tonight my thoughts turn instantly as to whether this is a sign of things to come.  Now those of you that know Mill Hill will know that The Rising Sun has been around for many many many years. It's frequented by locals, some famous, some not in fact Joe Kinnear was having a pint at the bar when we got there (I think he's stalking me because I was out with husband no.1 a couple of weeks ago at Ask in Whetstone and he was there that night as well - gonna have to keep an eye on that!).  It was even hit by a bus once! Anyway, what was once just a little ol' watering hole is now a family run Italian restaurant  serving delicious home cooked food......Italian + home cooked = the coffee had to be good! So the four of us settle down for a good old catch up - me with my M.E., Marinda with her double tooth abscess, Sindy with her torn neck ligament and Jo with her hot flushes.  It was a far cry from the old days when all we used to bring on a night out was our dancing shoes and a lip gloss. Fortunately, the food was wonderful (even though Marinda had to suck most of hers) and the service and atmosphere was spot on!  A real family affair!  The coffee was great too - no coffee art but I can  forgive that - it was naturally sweet, creamy and smooth and rounded off the meal perfectly. 

All in all a great night out..........who needs bright lights and loud music.........been there, done that, got the t-shirt.  Mind you not quite ready for the 'assisted living accommodation' yet and really need to do something about the 'sweet lady' reference - answers on a postcard please!

6 Jul 2010


Now don't get me wrong I love my husband but if he has one major fault it's that he doesn't like coffee.  He does have some redeeming features; he can do his own DIY, he's not afraid of spiders and he happens to be quite good looking!  It's just the coffee thing......So, not that I've been actively looking but it just so happens there is a young man I've stumbled across who happens to be a coffee lover like myself.  I bumped into him the other day at a book signing and it appears he is also a '3 cup rule' kinda person.  I have since found out that he likes his coffee anyway up - espresso, cappuccino, flat white - just as long as it's strong and there's a sweet not a bitter after taste.  I think I am in love, how does Lisa Andre sound?  

4 Jul 2010

Cappuccino with a Smile

Popped out for a bite to eat last night and in keeping with the latest round of the world cup Paraguay v. Spain we decided to get ourselves down to El-Vaquero (Spanish for cowboy) NW London's only Brazilian/Argentinian restaurant.  Once inside we were greeted by a group of tall dark handsome Passadors (meat carvers) dressed in black and wielding giant metal skewers each with a different cut of meat. What makes this dining experience so unique is that through out your meal the Passadors pass from table to table serving you until you can eat no more and to accompany  your meal there is a fabulous salad bar, which you can visit as many times as you like.  Now this bit is for the ladies so lean in close - when the Passadors speak each and every one of them has a South American or Spanish accent to die for and to be perfectly honest most of the time I couldn't understand a word they were saying but it really didn't matter, those sexy accents were better than any of a NW London waiter any day!

With no room for desert but always room for coffee I ordered a cappuccino. Check this out!!! (See Pic) Made by the owner himself (I was smooching him a lot!) this little beauty was served up especially for me! Now some girls like design jewellery, some girls like expensive shoes and some girls just have to have flashy 4x4's, but not I.  No, I am what is called a 'cheap date' - ask my husband he can confirm. In 15 years of marriage and a relationship spanning two decades I have never been what you would call a J.P. (Jewish Princess for all you not of the faith!).  But if there is one thing about me that is a given, it's that all meals must end with a coffee - and if I could get away with it they would start with one too!  I don't drink alcohol, don't do drugs (unless their prescription) and never touch 'death sticks' (cigarettes) but I gotta have my coffee.  How would I rate El-Vaquero's coffee -10/10.  So if you want try something completely different and really good value - saddle up and get yourself down there - we are certainly going back!

Oh nearly forgot to mention - The Passadors were all supporting Paraguay, being South American, and naturally when Spain won the match we paid and left as quick as poss - after all they were holding very large skewers and we had been seen cheering Spain in their victory! 

2 Jul 2010


Fridays are always a great day - it's the day for my regular morning art group with Ruth, Blaze (*name changed to respect her privacy - private joke)  and the rest of the girls, and as always it's all about the coffee, cakes and painting!  But today didn't start out quite so great, in fact it has been one of those days that you would like to rewind, and delete!  My 15 year old son woke up and he was unrecognisable!  No he wasn't hideously swollen from some allergic reaction to a bed bug,  nor was he covered from neck to brow in acne (it can happen)........he had become..........I can barely get the words out.........a sullen moody teenage boy.................  You can stop laughing now. It's all been a terrible shock.  We didn't think it would happen to us, he's always been so communicative and cuddly. We thought we were one of the lucky families - you know, the type you see in American TV programmes like  'Teen Cribs', where they're  all so perfect and have weekly family meetings etc, etc to communicate their feelings.  So, my day started with grunts and groans (stop it you have such a dirty mind) and pretty much set the bar for the rest of the day.    I get to art and the canvass I am working on has been moved during the week from the shelf where I left it out of harms way, to the floor,  so that it can be knocked and damaged - no respect!  My phone keeps ringing and usually I ignore but this time I have to take the call and end up wasting precious art time.......and the lovely hot cappuccino that Blaze got me from the cafe over the road goes cold!   Can it get any worse......oh yes......After recouping some time and getting stuck into some creativity it's all over too soon and the clock strikes 12.30.  On the way out Blaze and I drop into the lovely new Kosher bakery/cafe next door to pick up our weekly Cholla. To our amazement they are doing 'whole-wheat', which we have never seen before - and just as I am about to go and bag one this old man with an attitude beats me to the shelf and begins to touch and prod and squeeze each and everyone of them - yuck! So I said to him, half joking half serious, "you know in my house we have a rule that you have to take the one you touch, so by my count your buying the whole shelf"  Well you should have seen the look he gave me - I tell you if looks could kill I wouldn't be blogging now!  Needless to say I didn't bother with the whole-wheat and stuck to my usual....but I mean really....how disgusting!  Some people just have no manners. Then if things couldn't get any weirder, we made our way back to the car wash, where Blaze had left her car for a very cheap £11 valet and the rather hunky guy directed us to where he had parked it.  As we got closer there was this really odd smell that got stronger and stronger and then BAM! - he had parked the car under this tree and this tree had obviously been home to a flock of birds with gastro-interitus.  There was bird s**t everywhere, and I mean every where.  The car was literally covered. It was the most bizarre thing we had ever seen and the smell was stomach turning.  Needless to say we drove the car back to the car wash and after  much hysterical laughter on both sides they re-washed the car..........for free.......It was on the drive home we began to think that may be Mr I Can-Squeeze-All-The-Chollas-if-I-Like might have been some sort of 'bird whisperer'. Spooky.


1 Jul 2010


This is Lexi - one of my little coffee buddies.  She is a 15 week old Cock-a-poo and she is definitely showing traits of being a bit of a princess! She's not mine, I'm  not allowed a dog as the 'man of the house' doesn't like them. Lexi is my sister's dog and I was puppy-sitting and I guess you could say we have the perfect arrangement - she gets all the vet bills and chewed furniture and I get all the admiring looks and affection (Lexi gets some too!). Anyway today she was my lucky charm. After a lovely long walk around the park I put her down to walk on her own, (pause for laughter), she did the business, which I bagged and binned and we headed over to Sapori for breakfast.  It just so happened that the Big Boss was in and Lexi fluttered her long golden lashes and secured herself a free drink of water, which makes her a clever little bitch (settle down it's a doggy term) as I had to pay for my cappuccino and hazelnut pastry!  Anyway so there we were sitting outside people watching when Big Boss came over and began chatting to me about my art and whether or not I would be interested in having a small exhibition in the cafe, in time for the official re-opening on 15th July!! I told him I would get my people to contact his people and............no not really I bit his right hand off, cried with happiness, and realised that unlike Van Gogh, there was hope that I may just sell something whilst I am still alive!  Could life for Love Coffee & Art get any better?  

BP Spills Coffee


Have you got a photo of your favourite coffee or art find? Send it to me and I will post it in my gallery. creartive-design@sky.com