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Coffee lover and frequenter of local cafes as often as possible. Favourite style Cappuccino but when in a hurry double Espresso is fine and when its hot there's nothing like an ice cold Frapaccino! If I haven't already mentioned it I like coffee, chatting, drinking coffee, chatting some more, painting and drinking more coffee.....sleeping....YES I DO SLEEP LOTS........too much sometimes and it is completely over rated! I have collected 1 husband, 2 kids and 2 cats. I have 1 part-time puppy who joins me on trips to my little cafe (she does not like coffee!)and I have been told that I can be very very funny sometimes - I put it down to all the caffeine!

25 Aug 2010

Ball Ground, Georgia - 1st Brew

Tuesday 24th August 2010 - Ball Ground, Georgia USA at around 7.30 a.m. First brew of the day and the first brew of my whistle stop one week holiday of the old folks new abode! This is the view from the deck at the back of the house......trees trees and more trees and beyond those trees mountains. The coffee is imported - I brought from the UK which was luck as ma and pa only had decaff and quite frankly I don't see the point.  Not long after this photo I was making the 10 mile trip to the shops to buy some fresh European blend dark roast.

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