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Coffee lover and frequenter of local cafes as often as possible. Favourite style Cappuccino but when in a hurry double Espresso is fine and when its hot there's nothing like an ice cold Frapaccino! If I haven't already mentioned it I like coffee, chatting, drinking coffee, chatting some more, painting and drinking more coffee.....sleeping....YES I DO SLEEP LOTS........too much sometimes and it is completely over rated! I have collected 1 husband, 2 kids and 2 cats. I have 1 part-time puppy who joins me on trips to my little cafe (she does not like coffee!)and I have been told that I can be very very funny sometimes - I put it down to all the caffeine!

28 Oct 2010

Archie's Antics: Let's start at the very beginning...

Archie's Antics: Let's start at the very beginning...: "It's a very good place to start. I'm Archie.19.Student.Nottingham Trent Uni. I'm currently staying with my family in London whilst I do wo..."

30 Sep 2010

New Art Medium at the Frieze Art Fair October 14-17

I was picking through last nights Evening Standard Newspaper when I came across this bizarre article about psychic mediums attempting to 'channel the spirits of famous artists' at this years Frieze Art Fair in Regents Park.  It would appear the five psychics are going to attempt to contact artists such as Pollock, da Vinci, Van Gogh, Duchamp and Kahlo.  There has already been a trial session where contact was apparently made with Salvador Dali who was claimed to have demanded why he was being contacted and declared himself far too busy and important for such matters! To be fair to Dali he is in the middle of an important exhibition in Atlanta, Georgia. Curator Sarah McCrory said that the point of this exercise was to try and find out from these artists what the role of art was in the after-life! Well in Van Gogh's case I guess it's to try and see if he can sell any of his paintings before he is resurrected!!  

10 Sep 2010

Frasier : Season 9 Episode 19 - Deathtrap

This is one of the best coffee orders I have ever heard and probably the best coffee order ever given at the famous Cafe Nervosa of the classic American comedy Frasier! 

Frasier asks the guy behind the counter for a coffee...........

"May I get a double latte one shot of decaf espresso one shot of regular espresso, some steamed low fat milk and some non fat foam?"

Have a look at the YouTube link - tell me what you think?


6 Sep 2010

Painting series to completion by Marie Kazalia — Kickstarter

'Kickstarter' is a fantastic way to help artists fund their creativity.  Marie Kazalia is one of my LinkedIn partners and I love the technique she uses when she paints.  Have a look at the link below to find out more about Marie and if like me you want to be part of her latest project you can find out how you can contribute.

Painting series to completion by Marie Kazalia — Kickstarter


30 Aug 2010

High Museum of Art - Atlanta

"Dali: The Late Work" is a new exhibition featuring more than 40 paintings and drawings from the renowned surrealist painter. Best known for the striking and bizarre images in his surrealist work his painting skills are often attributed to the influence of Renaissance masters. DalĂ­ was an highly imaginative character, and he was known to partake in unusual and grandiose behavior, in order to draw attention to himself. This sometimes irritated those who loved his art as much as it irritated those who were his critics, since his eccentric manner sometimes drew more public attention than his artwork.

If you are a fan of Dali or just a fan of surrealism and are in the Atlanta, Georgia area go and see this great exhibition, which runs until January 9th 2011.high.org

29 Aug 2010

There's Bean a Gold Rush

The first gold rush town of America is a place called Dahlonega and nestled on one side of the public square is the Picnic Cafe and Dessertery.  Everything from the bread to the delicious pies and cakes are made on the premises and the service is uber friendly and very warm.  The coffee was tasty, although limited to with or without milk, but when I asked for it in a ceramic cup they were more than happy to oblige.  Sadly it was not one of their own brand pieces so it has not made into my souvenir collection.  I could have brought one but there's no fun in that.......  Tried to get some pictures of the Tennessee Hells Angel pack that had arrived in town but they didn't look too friendly - so you will have to use your imagination. 

This little ol' trip has definitely been an eye opener - very different from my time in Boston last summer but when I have more time to spend here I hope to discover what I am sure is a place full of artists and creativity.


 I had resigned myself to the fact that Georgians wouldn't know a good cup of coffee if it jumped up and said "Y'all haf a good day na, ya hear" until that is I visited the North Georgia Premium Outlet mall,  that appeared like an oasis in a desert - a desert of confederate flag waving farmers! I admit that I approached my request for a cappuccino with more than a little trepidation, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the coffee had a lovely little kick. It was smooth and sweet and  topped off with just the right amount of creamy foam.  My only two criticisms would be that it was initially served too hot and that stopped the flavours coming through until it had cooled down.  The bean should never be boiled - it kills the flavour!  The other bug-bear is that yet again it was served in a paper cup.  What is it with disposable food containers in nearly every restaurant we go to?  I guarantee it's not because they're recycling! So take note Georgia - we want to drink our beverages out of ceramic.  It is so much nicer! Anyway, if you're in the Dawsonville, North Georgia, USA area and fancy a bit of retail therapy, topped off with a good cup of coffee, then get yourself down to the Premium Outlet Mall........tell them that the Coffee Queen of Edgware, UK sent you! 

Life is short. Stay awake for it!

25 Aug 2010

....in search of the perfect bean and art...........

There are no coffee shops in Ball Ground - actually there is no anything in Ball Ground. So unacustomed to not seeing a coffee shop on every corner (large chain or independent) we headed 35 miles down the road (yes 35 miles) in search of anything that resembled a good old cafe.  Now what I havn't said is that there are hundreds of Starbucks - not any in Ball Ground - but everywhere else you look!  Those of you that follow my blog will know that I don't do Starbucks but here's the problem, it would appear that in this part of Georgia nobody drinks anything else!  No to mention their aversion to drinking out of anything that is not paper or Styrofoam.  Anyway, 35 miles later and gasping for caffeine we arrive in a little town called Blue Ridge where on certain days you can pick up the tourist train to Tennessee.  It's like Little House on the Prairie no kidding!!! Just when I thought that this was a huge mistake L & L Beanery Cafe and Bakery beamed its bright welcoming open sign.  I have to say it was lovely experience.  There was a wide range of coffee to choose from both in flavour and style.  There was even a delicious looking display of freshly baked cakes.  The service we received was really friendly and warm and the coffee was good despite the disposable cups!  They even had a little gift shop which did quite well out of us by the end of our visit.  So if you are ever in Blue Ridge pop in and have a coffee - Southern style! llbeanery.com

Before you leave Blue Ridge take a stroll through the town and check out the wonderful array of art and antique shops.  I popped into High Country Art & Antique's and was blown away by some of the work on display. highcountryart.com

Ball Ground, Georgia - 1st Brew

Tuesday 24th August 2010 - Ball Ground, Georgia USA at around 7.30 a.m. First brew of the day and the first brew of my whistle stop one week holiday of the old folks new abode! This is the view from the deck at the back of the house......trees trees and more trees and beyond those trees mountains. The coffee is imported - I brought from the UK which was luck as ma and pa only had decaff and quite frankly I don't see the point.  Not long after this photo I was making the 10 mile trip to the shops to buy some fresh European blend dark roast.


Have you got a photo of your favourite coffee or art find? Send it to me and I will post it in my gallery. creartive-design@sky.com