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Coffee lover and frequenter of local cafes as often as possible. Favourite style Cappuccino but when in a hurry double Espresso is fine and when its hot there's nothing like an ice cold Frapaccino! If I haven't already mentioned it I like coffee, chatting, drinking coffee, chatting some more, painting and drinking more coffee.....sleeping....YES I DO SLEEP LOTS........too much sometimes and it is completely over rated! I have collected 1 husband, 2 kids and 2 cats. I have 1 part-time puppy who joins me on trips to my little cafe (she does not like coffee!)and I have been told that I can be very very funny sometimes - I put it down to all the caffeine!

30 Jun 2010

3 Cup Rule

I broke the 3 cup rule today - you're probably thinking I must have over done it, but I am ashamed to admit that I have only managed 1 cup and that was at 7.30 this morning! Obviously it was 'fresh coffee' (those of you who know me well know that 'I never do instant' - mmm think I might have that put on my grave stone!) but all the same it was only 1 cup and it is now 18.21 in the evening. I have no idea how this has happened and to all my caffeine followers I apologise.

My 'vector art' project is coming along nicely and I also squeezed in a visit to the temple of worship for all creative people - a little place called Hobbycraft. Now I am not a religious person but when I enter through those glistening doors I am sure I hear angels calling. I warn you though, enter at your peril, for I went in search of 'silver leaf' and returned home with a large bag full of lots of other things and an empty purse! I think the devil is working there in disguise!!

There was interesting developments in the art world yesterday! Those of you who pay taxes (hands up please) will be thrilled to hear that artists who receive thousands of pounds of tax payers money thought it would be fun to gate crash the summer party at Tate Britain and dump buckets of crude oil all over the place in protest of the Tate's sponsorship ties with BP. Apparantly this is called 'Conceptual Art'. My main problem with this is that they are protesting against a company that without their support these 'artists' wouldn't have the money to be able to express their political-art. Well fear not NW London but Love Coffee & Art will not be joining the Conceptual Art band wagon - there might be the odd coffee spillage but it will be contained and cleared quickly without harm to the environment or wildlife, or my postman! Check out my Youtube video link to a very funny sketch about BP and a coffee spill!

29 Jun 2010

Sapori D'Italia - Welcome Home

Oh how I have missed you here in Mill Hill - yes there were others, but they were never like you, how could there be - you were always my favourite. Then suddenly you were gone. Just like that - what was I supposed to do? I had no choice but to fulfil my needs elsewhere. Of course I felt like I was betraying you.....after years of faithfulness, never straying, always being true.....but a girl like me has certain needs! As soon as I heard you were coming home I started to wean myself off those that had been your stand-ins. Each day I looked for you, watching for any sign, waiting to see when and how. I knew where you would be....you would be where you had always been....I knew you would go back to the place that it had all begun. And then just as the summer finally arrived I saw you. I was parked across the road, you were there, right where I said you would be. Waiting. You looked so proud, so handsome, all dressed up and so welcoming. How could I resist you.........? I crossed the road, my heart beating so fast I could feel it jumping in my chest. I could smell you, I could almost taste you. Just two more steps and then I would be there ......my mouth was dry but turning towards the face behind the glistening bar I managed to make the words come out. "Welcome back Sapori D'Italia, Mill Hill has missed you! I'll have a large Cappuccino please."

Sky Mail - Google News: Coffee wars: Starbucks loses out as advertising watchdog says Costa clear to ... - creartive-design@sky.com

Sky Mail - Google News: Coffee wars: Starbucks loses out as advertising watchdog says Costa clear to ... - creartive-design@sky.com

Coffee Wars - Battle is Over!

Forget Star Wars - the real battle has been happening right here on planet suburbia between two giants in the beverage world. The final battle of 'Coffee Wars' has been won and now Starbucks have been forced to swallow a very bitter cup of coffee. The Advertising Standards Authority agreed that Costa's advertising campaign claiming that 7 out of 10 Brits preferred their cappuccino to that of their rivals was true!

The only had to ask me - I could have told them that and probably saved them loads of money!

28 Jun 2010


Hi welcome to my first ever blog. As you may have gathered from the name there are two main loves in my life coffee and art - don't tell the husband and kids, they think it's them! When I am not drinking coffee at my favourite little cafe, I am at home creating art to hopefully sell so that I can buy more coffee and when I am not at home creating art I am sitting at my favourite cafe drinking coffee and seeking inspiration.

I have no idea where this blog is going to take me - but whoever wants to join my journey just has to jump on board and enjoy the ride..........oh there is one rule though......do not mention the 'T' word!


Have you got a photo of your favourite coffee or art find? Send it to me and I will post it in my gallery. creartive-design@sky.com