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30 Sep 2010

New Art Medium at the Frieze Art Fair October 14-17

I was picking through last nights Evening Standard Newspaper when I came across this bizarre article about psychic mediums attempting to 'channel the spirits of famous artists' at this years Frieze Art Fair in Regents Park.  It would appear the five psychics are going to attempt to contact artists such as Pollock, da Vinci, Van Gogh, Duchamp and Kahlo.  There has already been a trial session where contact was apparently made with Salvador Dali who was claimed to have demanded why he was being contacted and declared himself far too busy and important for such matters! To be fair to Dali he is in the middle of an important exhibition in Atlanta, Georgia. Curator Sarah McCrory said that the point of this exercise was to try and find out from these artists what the role of art was in the after-life! Well in Van Gogh's case I guess it's to try and see if he can sell any of his paintings before he is resurrected!!  

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